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KV Rollers offers a range of products all manufactured
in-house at our purpose built production facility.


  • Rubber Rollers

    Rubber Rollers

    With unrivalled expertise in precision engineering, materials science and polymer compounding, we produce high-quality rubber rollers for a wide range of applications, which meet the consistent demand for increased efficiency, durability and overall performance.

    We also specialise in regrinding, recovering and engineering repair and provide a fast, efficient turnaround.

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  • Specialised Rollers, Coatings and Finishes

    Specialised Rollers, Coatings and Finishes

    Our bespoke roller coatings and finishes are used across a range of industries and across a range of products.

    Each specialist coating performs its own unique function, helping to create an expert finish and to boost quality and productivity.

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  • Pipe and Cable laying Tensioner Pads

    Pipe and Cable laying Tensioner Pads

    KV rollers is now a leading provider of tensioner pads for offshore pipe and cable laying operations around the world.

    Our tensioner pads are custom designed and manufactured to suit each customer's individual requirements.

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  • Technical Rubber Mouldings

    Technical Mouldings

    We have established a reputation for our high quality innovative manufacture of precision moulded rubber parts for a diverse spread of applications.

    We guard our reputation for quality and reliability which comes from our meticulous attention to detail at each stage of the manufacturing process.

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  • Urethane Casting

    Urethane Casting

    Castable urethanes are finding new applications across a range of industries because of their long life, low tooling cost and low-noise properties.

    With in-house tool design and fabrication we are able to create rapid-turnaround, precision urethane components designed to your unique specifications.

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  • Rubber Compounding

    Polymer Compounding

    Our advanced polymer compounds are designed and manufactured by our expert on-site team under strict quality controls.

    Whether creating a tailored compound to suit your specific requirement, or optimising or matching an existing compound to improve performance, and we are happy to work with you to ensure the finished compound does precisely what you want it to do.

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  • Engineering Products

    Engineering Products

    Our in-house engineering operation is geared to the manufacture of complete rollers according to specific tolerances, as well as to roller repair and refurbishment.

    We are on hand throughout every stage of the engineering process, from the earliest development stage, and at each step of the design process, through to the production of a precision engineered piece of equipment which is tailor made to suit your purposes.

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